On Saturday, September 10th from 6pm to 10pm, the Café Mulot will host one of the highlights of the Paris Design Week 2022, the presentation of the BRIDE luminaire.

A project led by Made By Bobine in collaboration with Roger Pradier, the Société Choletaise de Fabrication, the designer Thibaud Klepper and Atelier W110.

Paris Design Week praises upcycled objects

The context lends itself to this, and objects from the French circular economy are put in the spotlight. Paris Design Week and Maison&Objet are thus highlighting young companies that combine high standards of ecological production, creativity and design.

The BRIDE lamp is part of this approach and brings together three French companies and a designer around its design and manufacture. Atelier W110 worked with the Société Choletaise de Fabrication – which provides the woven webbing – and Roger Pradier – which produces the blown glass – to machine and bend rot-proof chestnut wood from the forests of the Limousin region to give shape to the lamp imagined by designer Thibaud Klepper.

Atelier W110 invites the garden to Paris Design Week

Atelier W110 is a French brand committed to the development of an ecosystem in rural areas, capable of producing wealth and jobs. Furniture and design objects are thus at the center of a valorization of know-how and materials coming from a local and reasoned exploitation of forests or materials coming from production surplus or reconditioned.
The desire to propose new ways of consuming that are respectful of the environment, innovative and aesthetic also draws the public’s attention to reinvented ways of living, in the heart of nature and in osmosis with it.

Sarah Babaud and Martin Lecomte, founders of Atelier W110, have themselves inherited a family tradition of woodworking. Through their collections, they invite to make the garden and nature a second home in which furniture and objects are imagined as natural extensions of the environment.

Opening on Saturday, September 10 in the garden of Café Mulot in Paris.
6 place des Vosges, 75004 Paris Privatization from 18h
More information on the Maison & Objets website.