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W110 COLLECTION® presents its brand-new NOMAD MALLE.

Designed for the garden and the terrace, the nomadic trunk invites you to leave your home, to enjoy the outdoors and its changes with the seasons.

W 110® Collection, a young French furniture brand, wants to put the garden back at the heart of home and family life.

The project of the collection has its roots in the meeting of Sarah Babaud and Martin Lecomte, founders of Atelier W110®, a cabinet making workshop and communication agency, and the designer Thibaud Klepper. The sustainability of the product, the respect of the human being and nature at the heart of the production cycle and the well-being of the user are the main commitments of the W 110® Collection project and the values of its founders.

Each piece of the collection is made in the family workshop in the heart of the Charente. Everything is produced and manufactured in France thanks to partnerships on raw materials and ropes.

The ambition of the whole team around W 110® Collection is to contribute to the development of an ecosystem in rural areas, producing wealth and jobs. The project, imbued with the family tradition of woodworking, takes on a new dimension with this collection, opening up to everyday objects that are closer to the user’s pleasure.